Library Management System

Every Library - whether Public or Private, in school, college, Institution has a hard time maintaining the library records. Member / Students/ Research Scholar get issued the books, but don't return on time. Sometimes they don't even return at all. Many books get misplaced and sometimes it becomes very difficult to find a book in the library.

SMART E-Library brings you the ultra-modern way of managing and issuing and return back of books in the Library.

Entry of each and every book shall be made in the system according to the subject, class, author, publication, and other categories.

For each book in the library, a bar code will be generated and a single Member / Student / Research Scholar issue more than 3 books at a time or as per the limit approved to them.

There will be a section where when a book is issued by entering the Member / Student / Research Scholar number. They will add the name of the book, the issue date and the day on which it needs to be returned. If the Member / Student / Research Scholar doesn't return the book on time, a message will automatically sent to the student informing them of the due date. And an entry of fine will be made in the student's name automatically according to the number of days overdue.

Issuing books never looked so easy as the books are placed as per self and Rack no allotted to particular book. And this way, a Member / Student / Research Scholar will never find any difficulties finding the book he/she is looking for.