Pay per click services is often called cost per click, often these services are used to direct traffic to target website / portal. This is typical service where advertiser pays to publisher when visitor clicks on the Ad. In PPC services, an ad banner are shown on websites and search engines with related contents on mutually agreed basis.

360 Degree Info-Dynamics (360 DID) team evaluates and analyze the current state of the Client website in detail and discuss with client, if PPC is suggested by 360 DID expert team we decide mutually offers PPC services to our clients on need basis. There are various model adopted in PPC services; banner exchange, pay-per-click and revenue sharing models. We chose and implement right model based upon the 360 DID PPC expert’s suggestion.

Since every click on client banner cost, therefore we need to careful… as a single steps towards poorly managed PPC campaign will burn the entire budget in a short span of time. 360 DID choose the target audience very carefully in PPC services to gain maximum benefit on the investment, thus chooses the specific keywords after detailed research and analysis.

360 DID has a capability to increase the traffic to clients website / portal, we also keep our clients updated on the ongoing progress on PPC and cost to stay in budget. 360 DID plans in such a way that every budget of client is optimized and best possible return is achieved.

360 DID suggest one should chose PPC Service partner very carefully as the main challenge in this service lies with partner to achieve maximum benefit for client with agreed budget and timeframe.