SMART E-CAMPUS School Management System is THE ANSWER to today's modernized schools. It is a paperless system with management software that gives you the ease to take out the everyday school tasks faster, adequate, easier and defined. Tasks like admission filing, management of fees, accounting, distribution of timetable and assignments to kids which are extremely tiresome and time consuming can now be done effortlessly and meticulously, saving a lot of time. It helps the staff in evaluate, administer, and make reports very easily. This also saves a lot of money, work force and money.

The SAMRT E-CAMPUS has made it easier to bring parents, their kids, and teachers on a common online platform where they can interact with each other. It helps you carry through your daily tasks in the school with a lot of ease and accuracy in a lesser amount of time.

Why is IT a school Management System Required?

As you must be thinking that why will a school require a management system at all? Unlike corporate companies, they do not need such systems to manage their resources in a better way. By corporate here, we are talking about the multi-national level companies who have many other companies under them and therefore, need a proper management system to regulate them. But we still didn't get our answer to the question that why is school management system is required?

The answer my friend, is quite simple. Just like the multi-national companies, a school too is an organization, which has a lot of branches of resources escalated in diverse directions. These branches are- teachers, students, admin staff, clerical department, and the any other different departments in the school campus. In order to have a proper management that is effective and successful, all the above-mentioned branches need to be managed properly. And in order to many any organization in a proper way, one of the most important factor is having a cutting-edge plan of- how are you going to manage the resources.

The SMART E-CAMPUS School Management System gives you a podium that aids in a highly effective management of your school. A central management in any school is very important as it abolishes the repetitious tasks that take place in an institution. And because all the data is stored in, you don't even need to get into the tiring task of generating any data whenever required, as it is already stored and ready to use. So now you don't need to back to those registers or go to each class or department to recollect the data. All the information will be just stored in the MYSQL Database storage system.


School Management System has become an important element of every educational organization. All over the globe, school facilities all over the world have been working hard to manage plentiful activities in the schools in order to provide a different and better education experience to their students. Although school management is not as easy as it may sound, especially in a world so fast developing as ours.

So in order to provide a better and advanced learning experience for the students and to assure the parent's of their children's safety and well-being, try our SMART E-CAMPUS School Management System. It is an easy an effective way to manage your school in a hassle free way. Apart from being cost-effective, it is eco-friendly too. Now, let's take a look at some of the characteristics of The SMART E-CAMPUS: which are as follows:


Now you can get rid of keeping those heaps of files because SMART E-CAMPUS brings you an amazing deal where you can save all the data in the system.

They have this amazing facility where when someone needs to contact your school for admission, all they need to do is click on "Submit Admission Form" and fill up the student's detail.

This form will then directly go in admin's notification panel and they can have a look at it. It saves parents' headache to stand in long queues just to collect admission forms and also saves the faculty from the tiring process of sorting and managing all the paperwork.


From attendance to their assignments, from their test and it's grades to their overall performance, you can see it all in just a click! Now, teachers no more need to handover the kid's the assignments in a sheet of paper which even gets misplaced at times. With our SMART E-CAMPUS School Management System, all that a teacher needs to do is upload the assignment online on it and the students can take it from there. Even the submission of assignments will be done online and the marks can be seen in the grades section.

This efficient school management system also has an online class board which is used by the teachers to make any announcements regarding the assignments or tests, etc. Any kind of messages from the principal or any other faculty will also be flashed there. School timetable can also be uploaded and if a student wishes to apply for leave, instead of writing an application on paper, they need to do it on the "Apply For Leave" section. From here, the class teacher will see and grant the student leave.

Also, every student's profile will also show the number of books he/she has issued from the library.

There is a section where, if you want, you can directly send a message to the principal and the principal shall reply back to you accordingly.


Now we'll talk about the faculty section where each faculty will have to upload their profile. They log into their profile, make their student's list, and will have to maintain the attendance record daily.

Any kind of homework, assignments or announcements that they need to mention the students about, all they have to do is upload the information on the white board and let our awesome SMART E-CAMPUS do the rest of the work. The message will be instantly delivered to the particular class or section's online white board. This facility is available under the "Tutorials and Notes" section.

The teacher can view the assignments uploaded by the students, give them marks for even and even conduct online tests whenever they want. Imagine the amount of paper that you save when adapting this system.

And also there is a facility of generating report cards and maintaining its record. The data can be imported individually as well as in a bulk. This way report card can be generated online and you can even take a print out if you wish to.


With the help of SMART E-CAMPUS, even the fee submission can be done online, without the parent's having to come to school again and again. The fee chart will be set class-wise.

The parents can submit both admission fees and monthly fees. In order to do so, you need to go to the fee module, enter the student's enrollment number, fill up your details and voila! your work is done.

A due report will be made automatically of the children who will be late in fee submission. The admin can have a look at it anytime and can send messages to the parents which will mention the amount that is still due to be paid.


Every school has a hard time maintaining the library records. Students issue the books, but don't return on time. Sometimes they don't even return at all. Many books get misplaced and sometimes it becomes very difficult to find a book in the library. SMART E-CAMPUS brings you the ultra-modern way of managing and issuing books in school.

Entry of each and every book shall be made in the system according to the subject, class, author, publication, and other categories.

For each book in the library, a bar code will be generated and a single student cannot issue more than 3 books at a time.

There will be a section where when a book is issued by entering the student's enrollment number. They will add the name of the book, the issue date and the day on which it needs to be returned. If the student doesn't return the book on time, a message will automatically sent to the student informing them of the due date. And an entry of fine will be made in the student's name automatically according to the number of days. Issuing books never looked so easy. And this way, a student will never find any difficulties finding the book he/she is looking for.


You must have heard of many cases of school drivers abducting kids, or children not reaching home on time. Sometimes the driver denies duty. In today's time, parents feel safer when they have full proof information about their children's ride. SMART E-CAMPUS also gives you the facility of transportation module where you get all the information regarding the pick and drop of their child.

Regulated by the admin, it has all the details mentioned such as information about the driver, vehicle type, pick-up points, and the allocation of routes along with the driver's name.

Your school experience with SMART E-CAMPUS School Management System isn't just tech savvy and modern, but also safe and secure.


Whenever the principal needs some information regarding the activities of his school, he has to call up the faculties, make them generate a report separately for each class and section and then go through all the papers. But SMART E-CAMPUS just made it all so easy.

With a single click, the admin now can have a look at all that he is looking for. From the daily attendance, to the student’s performance -class wise and section wise. The admin even gets the information regarding the students whose fees is still due with the amount mentioned.

Whenever the admin needs to make an announcement, they can now easily write it on the admin panel's white board mentioning whether the message has to be sent to the students or the faculty or both.

The admin also gets the notifications regarding all the admission forms that gets submitted online.

The SMART E-CAMPUS is a revolutionary online School Management System that is surely going to take your school managing process to a completely different level. Its fresh, trustworthy and definitely a 21st century education system must-have!